Frequently Asked Questions. 

Please check these out before sending me a note. I may have covered your question already. Thanks!

What tools do you use for your illustrations?

I use a combination of digital and analog tools, including: the Paper app & stylus by Fifty Three for iPad, Moleskine notebooks, LePen & Micron pens, Winsor & Newton watercolors, Strathmore watercolor paper. *As an Amazon associate, I earn for qualifying purchases.

Can you critique my product / design / marketing / something I'm working on? 

At this time I am only able to provide feedback for a fee.As much as I love thinking about what makes products great, how to design meaningful digital experiences, and how to bring their story to the market, I don't  have enough hours in the day to try out every beta product that comes my way. If you're interested in getting feedback on your product or pitch, and willing to put budget behind that, feel free to reach out.

Can I use your illustrations/writing on my site?

Will you speak at my conference / write for my publication / create a custom illustration for me? 

Not without my permission. To license images or syndicate my writing, please get in touch with what you are interested in using, where, and to what audience. If I do not respond, please assume the image or article is not available for you to reproduce.

I love hearing about these types of projects and how I can help. Please fill out this contact form for inquiries around speaking, writing, and illustration opportunities.