I think side projects are important. Here are a few I'm working on.


Animal Love Notes.

Handmade Animal Love Notes for when you're feeling down, or overly romantic. Penciled, inked, watercolored with love.

Custom greeting cards, prints, and wedding illustrations.

Custom illustrated greeting cards and illustrated prints for snail mail, wall hangings, and telling loved ones hello. Illustrations for wedding invitations and party favors also available on request.  Contact me to hear what's in stock, or place a custom order.  

The Listening Project.

I’m interviewing a new person every day for a month.  Sign up to be one of them.



The Google Search Portrait Project.

Illustrating portraits based on Google search terms from a select group of contributors. Join the list to be included. 


An October abundant with sketches. Creating one sketch a day to bind in book form at month's end. (Project complete and available on request.)

A year of habit building. 

Experimenting with forming one new habit a month, and logging the results.

Culture Code for Culture Lab.

Custom illustrations for Culture Lab's guide to company culture. What is company culture? Check out the guide here.

Illustrating Secrets

A series of secrets, illustrated, from the Secret app. Here's why.  

Interactive Life Audit Workshops. (Parties, too).

I run life audit workshops for individuals, groups, and companies. You can sign up here(As seen in FastCo.)

Sundays in San Francisco: The Things We Talked About

Illustrations drawn from contemporary conversations. Excerpts available here

12 Months of Creative Challenges.

Exactly what it sounds like. Details here.